More photos related to the disappearance of the Hargon family
Abandoned building in what was once downtown Vaughan.  It is adjacent to the only business left downtown--a museum honoring Casey Jones.
This is the Ellison United Methodist Church near Deasonville.  It is the church attended by the Hargon family and is located about a mile from their home.
The Vaughan volunteer fire dept. is located on the Vaughan Rd. a mile or so from the Hargon home.
The building is named after James P. Hargon, Jr.
This is the view looking east on Vaughan Rd.  The road turning to the right (south) is Fowler Rd.  The Harmon home is about 200 yards down Fowler Rd.
A view of the area behind the Hargon home.  This photo was taken from Hargon Lane.  Although the home appears distant, it is only about 300 yds away.
This is the Hargon's mailbox just across from their home on Fowler Rd.  Note the blue ribbon.  Most of the mailboxes in the area also display this symbol.
The Hargon home as it appeared on February 27, 2004.  The TV crews and reporters are now noticable by their absence. 
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This site is maintained by Edward Hutchison of Madison, MS who invites your prayerful support of the Hargon and Hirtz families during these difficult days.
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