These photographs depict various residents of the Lyndon Trailer Park, which is located between DeWitt and Fayetteville, NY.  They were taken about 50 years ago on the occasion of a party honoring my paternal grandmother, Mamie Mehatibel Johnson Hutchison. "Nan," as she was known to young and old, was born on September 5, 1881.  Given that some of those shown in the photos were wearing short sleeves, and that Nan is holding several gift boxes, it is possible that this party occurred on or near September 5, 1951--which was my grandmother's 70th birthday.  The bottom photo shows Nan sitting between her son and daughter-in-law, (my father and mother), Clarence E. "Hutch" Hutchison and Vivian Clifton Hutchison.

In the photo at the upper left of this page my grandmother is shown with June Truax and Dot Perrault.  Some of those in the other photos who can be identified are:  Alice Neider, Constance Devitt, Frances Martin, Inez LaPointe, Marjorie Peterson, and Marian Peets.  The girls on the floor are Linda Ross and Sharon Kemp.  The setting for the party was the apartment of William and Jessica Ross who managed the Park.  Mrs. Ross was the daughter of the Park's owners John and Hazel Neider.  The Rosses and Neiders lived in a house which still faces on Highbridge Road, (Route 92), at the entrance to the Park.

                                                                                                                                                                  Edward Hutchison
                                                                                                                                                                      Madison, MS
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